Setup completed
  • Upload directory /mnt/filesupload/ $config->uploadDir found and writeable.
  • .htaccess file found.
  • Necessary database structure found.
Now you have to rename or delete setup.php.

It seems you're running an nginx Webserver

below you'll find some useful information regarding to your webserver

These lines should be added to your website config inside the server { }, maybe right before the right curly bracket
without a 100% guarantee ;) while nginx isn't supported by SFS officially

# SFS configuration # essential for the maximum upload size (according to the post_max_size and upload_max_size) # !!! client_max_body_size should/can only be defined ONCE in a server section!!! client_max_body_size 32M; error_page 404 /notfound; # !!! autoindex should/can only be defined ONCE in a server section!!! autoindex off; #download site location /download { rewrite ^/download/([a-z0-9]+)\.html$ /download.php?key=$1&$query_string; rewrite ^/download/([a-z0-9]+)\.jpg$ /preview.img.php?key=$1&$query_string; } #download files location /files { rewrite ^/files/([a-z0-9]+)\..*$ /files.php?key=$1; } #deletion site location /delete { rewrite ^/delete/([a-z0-9]+)\.html$ /delete.php?key=$1&$query_string; } #grouped files location /filesgroup { rewrite ^/filesgroup/([a-z0-9]+)\.html$ /filesgroup.php?key=$1; } #captcha image location = ^/img/cap1.png { rewrite ^(.*)$ /sfs/cpc/captcha.php?$query_string; } #Error 404 not found site - see error_page above location = /notfound { rewrite ^(.*)$ /notfound.php; } #short urls (please make sure that the path information is correct) location / { if (!-e $request_filename){ rewrite "^/([a-zA-Z2-9]{5,})$" /download.php?shortkey=$1&$query_string; } }
Other Hints
  • Please take a look to the settings in the admin interface to define other settings, such as the correct timezone.